1. Track will only be open with a Track member (season pass holder) / track monitor present.  He or she will open the gate, collect the liability forms and fees, oversee the riding of the day, clear the track and lock the gate. All seasons pass members are authorized and expected to act as track monitors   No monitor, no riding. Hours of operation are daily 8am – 8pm or dusk:  No Riding outside hours of operation.   The Park will open in the spring, weather permitting, dependent upon the spring snow melt and suitable riding conditions.  Both the opening day and closing day decisions will be made by the Summit County Government in consultation with a designated SCORR representative.  The Park will be closed annually during the Town of Dillon’s Memorial Day Services at the cemetery.
  2.  A valid Track membership season pass, sold through SCORR, or a day use fee is required for all users of the Park.  The Season Pass or day user receipt must be clearly displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard.Day users must visit the track with a track member, as their guest.  Track members will be responsible for ensuring their guests abide by these established track rules.
  3. Season Memberships require a SCORR membership of $25 plus $100 track membership.  Children under 18 do not need a SCORR membership as long as their parent or guardian has one, but still must have a valid child track membership.   This is for unlimited riding time during the above hours. Daily (non seasons pass) riding fees are $15 a day per bike.  Every track user must sign the liability waiver.  Day users will deposit a signed waiver together with their day use fees into the fee tube at the track parking area.
  4. All vehicle parking will be in one designated area.  If the parking area is full, then the riding area will be considered to be at capacity.  Users will be instructed to return at another time.  Under no circumstances will parking be allowed along Cemetery Road, nor at the base of Cemetery Road, where there is parking for hikers.
  5. Track members and Day users will use the log book to sign in and sign out before and after using the track
  6. No use of the Park will be allowed after dark.
  7. No overnight camping will be allowed on the Property.
  8. No trash facilities will be available, users must not leave any garbage.
  9. The riding area will be limited to the developed course area, on developed course trails.  There will be no OHV riding in any other areas.  Failure to stay within the park boundaries may result in permanent park closure.
  10. No full size vehicles will be allowed on the riding area.  The riding area will be for off-road motorcycles and ATVs only.
  11. Approved spark arresters will be required on all motorized vehicles using the track, in compliance with Colorado State law.
  12. All bikes must be sound tested and meet the 96db sound limit prior to being ridden on the track.
  13. A Colorado State Parks registration sticker is required on all OHV vehicles using the riding area.
  14. The beginner course will be limited in use to vehicles not exceeding 10 miles per hour.
  15. No Dogs
  16. No alcohol use on the riding areas, no riding on the tracks while alcohol-impared.
  17. Each rider must be covered under his/her own medical insurance policy.  Neither SCORR nor the Summit County Government provides medical insurance for any rider or for their guests.  Ride within your ability, always respecting other riders and other riders’ various abilities.
  18. All riders must wear a D.O.T approved helmet and protective clothing.
  19. Violations of these Park rules will result in fines as determined by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office